My Savior Story is a new worship project based off of testimony of how our Savior Jesus Christ has changed your life. Where ever you are in life, so is God. Where ever you’ve been, Gods been there to. And wherever you’re going, so is he. These life changing events are what make us who we are. And tonight we are asking for your help. Not just anyone’s help, but your help.

Sharing your story could change the lives of many. God’s word says that we should decrease, while He shall increase. That is what my Savior story is all about. It’s not about us. It is all about Jesus.

So please take a look around the site. If you feel like sharing your story, we would love to help you get it out there so that others may have a chance to see what you’ve seen.

So if your reading this tonight and your new, angry, or unsure about this whole Jesus thing.  Let me ask you a few questions.

  • Do you feel like your whole life has been meaningless, lost, or just empty?
  • Do you hate God for what has happened in your life?
  • Are you angry with God for someone you lost?
  • Do you think God doesn’t exists?
  • Have you found yourself sitting in a jail cell wanting to be a different person when you got out.
  • Do you see no hope in your life?

For all your hurt and pain…
For all the love that’s left you…
For all you have lost…

Jesus is offering you a way out. He can answer your questions and help you face your fears. He can show you hope in the darkest of times, and give you peace in the middle of the storm.

He is waiting for you, and he is real…