Feeling Lost?

Let me tell you there is no one on this world that feels exactly what you’re feeling right now. There is no one that has felt the exact same pain as you or done the exact same things you have with your life. There’s no one that has seen things through your eyes and your perspective.

So where ever you are reading this message please find comfort in knowing that although right now you may feel lost and alone in your problems, faults, helplessness, sin, or abandonment; that Jesus made us all different. He made everyone of us an individual that has different feelings, looks, personality, hardships, and experiences.

Everyone has a different story…

And it’s through these experiences that we find chances and roads to take that lead us to who we really are in life. We have the opportunity in life to take many different roads. Everyday we have a chance to do good or do bad. It’s that simple. God gives us a chance. He lets us have the freedom to choose. Choose to follow him, or choose to follow our own selfish desires.

But amazingly even when we find ourselves on the wrong road God never turns off the GPS. He never leaves our side, even when we feel as all is lost, he has a purpose for us. Even in the darkest hours of sin, Jesus can save you. And he desperately wants you to accept him. He is always waiting, He is always watching, He never leaves.

Below there is some resources for you to call and look at to help you through tonight and find a new tomorrow. If you want to read more about Jesus it’s right there. If you need someone to talk to, it’s right there.

And if your needing Jesus right now, if your heart can not take another day the way you are living right now, please pray this prayer with me with an open heart.

Find no reason for distraction, find no worry in your mind, just know that he is listening and pray to our Savior…

“Jesus I have failed you. I cannot go through this life the way I am anymore. I have turned away from you and held tight to my fear and selfishness. Here is sin and my shame. I do not deserve your love or your help. But tonight I am ready for you to make a change in me. I am ready for you to take my life and help me start new. That at this moment I will be a changed person. That I will live for you in all I do, and trust in you no matter what I am going through.

So Father I offer you my heart and I pledge to you my life. You died for my sins upon the cross and rose again in Glory as Savior to all who seek you. Please come into my heart and set me free from my sin.

I accept you as my Lord and my Savior from this day forward. Father save me. Give me the strength to take every day as a challenge and a gift and always follow your ways.

For it is in you I will find my hope now and in eternity.

Let my life’s story be about you.

I love you. Amen”

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save that which was lost.
Luke 19:10